Thursday, July 11, 2013


And now they are telling women to cover up because they are at fault when raped by men. Yet in Saudi Arabia the rape scale is sky high. 

I remember reading an article where Saudi Arabian men proposed that women in addition to wearing the full burqa, they should also cover their eyes with a see-through cloth because some women's eyes were "too alluring and seductive".
For heaven's sake it's not about how much a woman wears. If there is a Ferrari parked next to me, I don't say it's the owner's fault for choosing such a flashy car, and then proceed to steal it. If I am taking an exam and I'm sitting near the teacher where a textbook containing the answers is next to me, I don't blame the teacher if I choose to cheat.

Corruption? Who ask you to make bribing so easy?
Burglary? Who ask you to not install alarm and get an armed guard?
Snatch theft? Who ask you to wear that necklace?

It is nothing more than shifting of blame. People always find excuses to give in to their temptations; it is our prerogative to rise above that. Buddha, Jesus Christ, Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. all have faced temptation in the form of riches, power, women and more.

Did they blame somebody else? No, because they understood that ultimately their actions were of their own.

Stop blaming the victims. And start looking within for who is really at fault.

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