Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Hello everybody! Real sorry for the delay in posting anything. The truth is, the IB has been catching up with me. This delay looks like it'll be here to stay. There's good news though!

The delay will stay because:
I've decided that holing myself up as a sociopolitical blogger is just stifling, and besides, its boring to read about the same thing all the time. Therefore, Durian Democracy will now feature everything under the goddamn hot Malaysian sun- food, cars, art, literature, news from other sources, debate etc. My aim is to make this blog a piece about Malaysian LIFE, and not just politics. After all, most of my political posts are on LoyarBurok anyway. As you can tell, I'm also going to make this blog reach out and more intimate.

2. Perestroika
Ooh what a fancy word. Nah, its just a Russian word for restructuring. Yes, restructuring! This blog is going to be changed, wiped clean, no more weird, badly cropped durian background! The blog is going to be revamped with a cleaner, easy to read format- as well as- individual pages for different categories of things- all the better for all you readers out there!

Now that I have obtained an all new camera, soon, we shall be witnessing original photos! I am also considering taking on new writers under the Durian Democracy wing, and really, just making this blog a more lively place!

Anyways, thank you to all my readers, and hopefully, you'll see me again soon enough!

From the core of the durian seed,
Kar Jin.


  1. FINALLY!!! Lit on durian...this is going to be epic... 8D

  2. YAY! Looking forward to it! ;)