Scoring system

I try to be as hollistic as possible when evaluating books, movies, plays, restaurants etc. Below is my rating system:
1 durian- not my kind of thing. so-so only lah.

2 durians- above average, but not fantastic.

3 durians- overall a good one, has some stand-out elements, but may be marred by minor issues.

4 durians- Fuyoh! A must try.

5 durians- In the words of Makansutra: "DIE DIE MUST TRY!". Truly last meal on earth worthy.


The initial criteria for evaluation may vary depending on the situation,  For example, I include the criteria of ambience/ service for upmarket restaurants since after all, good service and a nice setting is part of what you pay for when you go to these kind of places. On the other hand, obviously ambience and service is not included for roadside stalls where people wait in long lines at the side of the road. Flexi-criteria really.

Generally, scores upon 10 follow this rubric:
0- Epic fail.
1- Why would I even blog about something this bad?
2- Read the above sentence.
3- Poor.
4- Below average
5- Borderline.
6- Ok ok lor...
7- Above average.
8- Good!
9- Fantastic!

Disclaimer: All articles published on this blog are opinions of the author unless otherwise stated. Also, I am known among friends as a fusspot, so I might be a little picky on ratings sometimes. As with all opinions, take it with a pinch of salt. Feel free to use photos, quotes, share the blog as long as you give due credit. Thank you for reading!

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