Tuesday, June 7, 2011

OWCh! ( Obedient Wives Club, hmph!)

So there I was, drinking a nice cup of teh tarik at the mamak, tucking into my seat, opening the newspaper, just brimming in anticipation of more political pandemonium and high ranking hypocrisy. I opened it, and the first thing I see is "FREE SEX LESSONS".

Whoa! I rub my eyes, clean my glasses, turn back to the front page to ensure I am reading the News Straits Times and not the News Strips Times. And to my horror, I realize that an Obedient Wives Club (OWC) has been set up to ensure women are compliant, submissive, obedient to the commands of their husbands; and that apparently all social ills in the world can be solved by sex. Makes me want to be a criminal.

Fauziah Arifin from the Obedient Wives Club (second from left) giving a token of appreciation to Datin Zainah Abdul Ghani (executive director Positive Image Resources Sdn Bhd) while Sakinah Rahmanuddin (second from right) and Datuk Mohd Nasir Ibrahim (Selayang Umno chief) look on after the launching of the Obedient Wives Club at Perangsang Templer Golf Club.
Poking around aside( No, you dirty bugger, not that kind of poking), this OWC really made my heart go OWCh! all day long.  Apparently, by being obedient, and by being I quote, 'an excellent sex worker, better than a first class prostitute' a marriage can remain strong, adultery can be prevented, and social ills can be curbed. After all, crimes only happen because sex starved men cannot find anywhere else to channel their energy, right??? What about female criminals then? Or single adults?

The Sex Guru herself.
Furthermore, the sex lessons are to be taught by the Vice President of the club, Dr Rohaya Mohamad. An expert in the field apparently. The course will include how to keep your husband, how to 'service' him, and apparently, she encourages wives to be 'whores' to their husbands and wear sexy clothes for them. ( P.S. Practical lessons have not been confirmed as of yet. )

Coming so soon after Barrack Obama praised Malaysia as a progressive, moderate country, this movement is truly a disappointment, and also an insult to both men and women. The existence of such a club reveals the members' shallow thinking and understanding of the sacred constitution of marriage.

This frame of thought implies that any adultery committed by the husband is the woman's fault for not 'servicing' him properly. By comparing wives to personal prostitutes, the OWC objectifies and degrades women as sex machines, and men as sexual animals. Blind obedience to husbands will not advance the role of women in society in any way either. The whole incident is a blatant mockery of marriage.

Marriage is trust. It is a sacred bond between two individuals who have decided they want to live together, eat together, love together- two parts that make up a greater whole. If we view marriage simply as a sexual matter- that being, if devoid or lacking in sex, the marriage will fall apart, ignoring the issues of trust, commitment and love- we are no better than animals who come together simply to mate and reproduce. If a woman must resort to 'servicing' and becoming a 'sex slave' to her husband to ensure his loyalty, then marriage becomes no more than a prolonged trip to a brothel. It is the duty of both husband AND wife to maintain a commitment to each other, and if a man commits adultery, it should not be the fault of the wife, and he should be accountable for his own actions.

In a few words,

Cooperate not just copulate,
Compromise not just sodomize,
Communicate not just fornicate.
Then problems will meet their demise.

Hmph. If women have the Obedient Wives Club, then surely there must be a Loyal Husbands Club* coming up too?

( Free shopping lessons provided. Practical lessons includes trip to mall with wife, or wives. Cash not inclusive)